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Customer Services

Customer Service operations across the UK a mix of our contact centre software solutions, such as our immediate click to dial web software.

Customers conveniently select the option of immediate callbacks, or specify times that they are available for callbacks which are then automatically loaded into our Dialler and CRM software in tailored multi-channel solution deployments.

Benefits include

  • Web click to dial
  • Automated Customer Callbacks
  • Inbound Call Handling & Resource efficiencies
  • Automated & Agentless Payment Capture

Customer Service operations benefit from reducing pressure on inbound resource and staffing levels whilst answering inbound calls. Calls are flagged to the agent when customers select automated callbacks from inbound IVR at times convenient to them, providing an onscreen prompt in advance that the call is a pre-requested callback, enhancing the customer experience.

Our PCI DSS compliant payment processing software, used either live on call, or off call (IVR), allows customers to enter their card details via the security of their own telephone keypad, whilst the agent remains live on call throughout.

This ensures not just the highest level of customer experience, but removing the biggest single risk to data security also, removing visibility of all customer card details from the user themselves onscreen.

Our Desktop Analytics and on call scripting tools drive the consistent management of not just the customer experience onscreen, but also regulatory and internal compliance. This enables the most robust of QA processes via on call monitoring, call and screen recording and call scoring.

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