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Field Operations

With our cloud based CRM technology, mobile and tablet applications make it simple to manage geographically dispersed teams. Every piece of information is available real time at the touch of a button.

Field and mobile apps allow staff to access, update and maintain critical information whilst on the move, management can easily track their productivity and progress from comprehensive reporting dashboards, even GPS tracking.

No unnecessary time delays, coffee breaks or admin processing costs. Our mobile and CRM workflow solutions link the field direct to your office desktop.

No network, no problem.

Work offline and when you re-connect your data will automatically save and upload to the central systems.

No pen, no problem.

You can even capture e-signatures whilst on the move with our technology, enabling contracts to be written and served in the field, just as easily as over the telephone.

Our field solutions can be configured to suit any operational workflow:

  • Sales and Telemarketing
  • Prospect Management

To niche environments, with customised workflow, such as:

  • Field workflow for Environmental Services such as water treatment
  • Vacant property management for local authorities and landlords
  • Operational workflow for Field Agents and Doorstep Visits within the Collections, Legal and Enforcement sectors

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