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Internet Security

Deploying our software via the cloud has taught us a thing or two about Internet Security too.

Internet Security in today’s digital age is such a critical area for our clients. Given the transition over recent years of businesses to the cloud delivery model and the flexibility to process customer data over a variety of different digital channels, has created an associated need to protect that same data whilst harnessing the true power that the cloud offers.

Whether your need is protecting a ring of nationwide ATM machines within the banking sector or even just a remote homeworking device, the same core internet and data security principles apply, protecting customer data and ultimately brand reputations.

Our Internet Security teams work closely with some of the world’s biggest

  • Financial Institutions
  • Retailers
  • Universities & Third Sector Organisations
  • Public Sector
  • Local Authorities

to provide a range of internet security services including SSL management as well as the provision of our unique SSL management and discovery software, DIMS – Discovery & Inventory Management System.

The true power of our software is underlined by the fact that even NASA are a registered user of our software.

Organisations who have a web presence rely on cryptographic keys and SSL certificates to establish trust for countless business activities from online payments to cloud services. Our SSL services provide management and protection of those assets, ensuring business continuity whilst protecting the private, as well as public facing, aspect of customer infrastructure and ultimately their brands.

Some of the largest and most coveted household names rely on our Internet Security teams to ensure the safety of their customer data, as well as ensuring the continuity of key services driven by our unique DIMS software.

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