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When processing card payments, a blend of compliance and security are required for PCI DSS – but how can this be achieved?

Secure your payment processing for PCI DSS ensuring customer payment card details are never disclosed, enhancing customer experience & security throughout the call

Each year, the contact centre industry processes huge volumes of customer payments. Alongside telephone call interactions, these transactions fall under under the greatest level of regulatory and client scrutiny, given the world of ever increasing data security and the penalties for non-compliance, both financial and reputational.

Whilst it may have traditionally remained compliant with PCI DSS to simply pause call recordings during payment capture, that is no longer the acceptable benchmark within the contact centre industry. The standard for handling customer card and payment data is now much higher.

Protection must go further than just managing call and screen recordings.

There is a need to also protect card details from not just call recordings, and more recently screen recordings, but also the physical agent who is handling the payment call. There is a balance however that needs to be struck; data security must not be delivered at the expense of the customer experience.

Our DTMF payment capture technology at Genius addresses both aspects; the highest level of data security and encryption available, as well as first call payment capture driving the customer experience. Our payment portals enable customers to key sensitive card data via the security of their telephone keypads at home whilst it also masks the DTMF tones emitted from the customer key presses on call for the ultimate level of protection.

Put the customer in control of compliance and security when processing card payments for PCI DSS, whilst enhancing the customer experience throughout

Our secure payment portals can be easily launched on-screen automatically from our dialler or CRM applications at the click of a button whenever a customer wishes to make a payment, on both inbound or outbound calls. Furthermore, the agent remains live on call talking to the customer during the entire time the payment details are entered for the highest level of customer experience, ensuring both objectives are met.

This secure agent presence throughout the call allows the agent to guide the customer through every step of the payment capture process from their own screen, but with the added security of never having access to the customer card data.

Every payment transaction is stored, fully indexed and retrievable to record every single customer interaction, linked to both screen and call recordings and tie with the important points made in a separate blog, “How to Drive Compliance Within the Contact Centre”.

The payment portals, aside from their compliance and customer experience guarantees, can also be delivered as independent IVR based payment capture solutions, such as stand-alone out of hours, inbound re-direct or overflow payment lines. This provides the flexibility to redirect inbound call traffic wherever required, freeing up valuable call handling resource whilst ensuring the highest level of payment processing compliance currently available anywhere on the market today.

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