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Desktop Analytics

Interaction management and monitoring

You cannot improve if you do not record.

Our call scoring and quality assurance software provides powerful insight and analytics into your customer on call and on screen experience.

Discover What Needs Your Attention – Immediate Access to Customer Calls

Our Quality Assurance software allows your business to:

  • Monitor Agents in Real Time
  • Select & Sample Agent Calls & Screens Historically for Assessment
  • Deliver three-way calls
  • Score customer calls
  • Deliver Immediate Feedback, Without Taking Agents Offline
  • Set Immediate Customer Callbacks for Agents Remotely
  • Set Email Alerts and Reports for Exception Behaviour

Access from Anywhere

  • Web Based
  • Controlled Permissions Based User Access
  • Synchronised Audio & Video
  • Loop Playback
  • Volume Control
  • Customisable Recording Options – time-based or triggered by third-party applications

Call Scoring Templates

Quickly set up easy to use call scoring templates using our drag and drop template designer.

Group quality assessment and call scoring into relevant sections onscreen, label section headers as well as defining question and answer types, incorporating call scoring success/fail thresholds based on defined scores, scoring ranges, as well as accounting for immediate critical fails in one simple to use set up wizard.

Retrieve calls & screens easily for Scoring using our integrated call and screen recording software which allows one click retrieval of any customer interaction.

Reporting Call QA scores using our reporting suite ensures you track performance trends over time. Calibrate and report on Agents, Managers, QA Scoring Personnel ensuring visibility and tracking at every level of the QA process, across every level of your business.

Integrated pivot reporting suites allow you to create and filter your own MI, with links to original scorecard outputs as well as set future exception and behaviour alerts.

You cannot improve what you do not record and measure. Our Desktop Analytics software provides powerful insight and analytics into your customer on call and on screen experience

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