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Email & SMS Handling

Bulk, Individual & Automated Processing

Send individual or bulk Email and SMS communications to your customers using our simple to use Email and SMS management software.

Simply upload your list of customers to contact, compose your message in our simple to use wizard then click to send.

Simple, Quick and Easy.

Multiple Channels, One Conversation

When used with our wider suite of software products such as our hosted dialler, or collections CRM system Adept, you can also personalise every element of the message linked directly to customer data held in your live systems.

For instance, the live account balance in the system, the product they have just ordered, the date and time of your last call.

As well as bulk sending, messages can also be automated to not only drive customer experience but also to automate workflow, saving time and cost.

Send SMS messages on an individual basis customer if you call but do not manage to contact your customer, or send automatic emails with product information and .pdf brochure attachments automatically, based on the outcome of your conversations when integrated with our wider software suite.

Or simply send an ad-hoc message in the traditional way, as and when you require, to any customer.

Easy edit and configuration

Configuring Email and SMS templates is simple and easy using our send wizards. Easily merge variable fields from your live systems to personalise every single message, even when sending in bulk, making each SMS and email personal to the customer you are contacting.

Drill down into individual delivery confirmation receipts, for comprehensive visibility and compliance tracking.

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