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Mobile & Field CRM & Workflow

Work on-the-go

Live updates from the field, direct to the office.
No time delays, coffee breaks, or admin processing costs.
Access anything, anytime, anywhere.

Our field and mobile workflow solutions link the field and mobile processing direct to your desktop. The Field becomes a natural extension to your office desktops. Our software removes the need to be sat at a desk to move your customers or prospects to the next stage of the process with our Field and Mobile CRM solutions.

No network, no problem. Work offline and when you re-connect your data will automatically upload to the central systems.

No pen, no problem. You can even capture e-signatures whilst on the move:

Access Anywhere, anytime. Our cloud Mobile & Field CRM & Workflow applications across all devices; desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, including e-signatures

Management on-the-go

With our hosted CRM technology being cloud based, mobile and tablet applications make it easy to manage geographically dispersed teams, sending updates back to the offices as soon as they happen. Field and mobile apps allow staff to access, update and maintain critical information whilst on the move, whilst management can easily track their productivity and progress from comprehensive reporting dashboards, even GPS tracking.

Key features

  • Work and Manage On-The-Go
  • Access, Manage Critical Information & Processes Anywhere
  • Real Time Updates & Tracking
  • Built in E-Signatures & Document Management
  • Integrated Cloud Dialler
  • Reduce Admin Processing Time & Cost
  • Sync Office Desktops With Live Field Updates
  • Simple to Use End User Interfaces
  • Drive Productivity Through Greater Control, Visibility & Access
  • Smart Phone & Mobile Device Ready

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