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SSL Security Management Software

SSL Security – What is it?

The Internet Security teams at Genius work closely with some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, retailers, universities, public bodies and local authorities providing a range of internet security services. These include a comprehensive SSL management service as well as the provision of our unique SSL management and discovery software, DIMS – Discovery Inventory Management System.

Organisations who have a web presence, rely on cryptographic keys and SSL certificates to establish trust for countless business activities from online payments to cloud services. Our Internet Security teams protect those and our customer’s public and private assets.

Some of the largest and most coveted household brands rely on our Internet Security teams to ensure the safety of their customer data, as well as ensuring the continuity of key services driven by our unique DIMS software.

Managed SSL Services

At an entry level our internet security teams provide services such as SSL supply & management with an optional free of charge managed service. Our teams carrying out 95% of the SSL procurement process, saving our customers huge amounts of time, money and administrative headaches.

Our Internet Security teams manage SSL certificate procurement on behalf of our clients and provide our management tools to enable our clients to focus on running their core business.

On top of our unique managed SSL services, long standing partnerships with the world’s largest and most trusted certificate authorities, who themselves use white labelled access to our DIMS technology to power their own inventory management offerings, allows our customers access to significant discounts on SSL certificate recommended retail prices.

This drives time and cost savings way beyond the managed service itself.

Certificates Expire by Design

  • Do you know exactly how many certificates your organisation has?
  • Do you know exactly where they are and when they expire?  
  • Do you know what they are used for?


If you answered “No” to any of above, you will not be alone. Most organisations are running the same risk.

Why? Simply because SSL certificates are purchased or created as required, usually in small numbers by different people without an audit trail and by many different parts of your organization, sometimes even in different countries or continents.

The risk grows with scale and geographic dispersity of your operations. Without our unique SSL inventory management software DIMS, it is almost impossible to effectively manage your SSL inventory and protect against the huge costs of certificate expiry.

Our software is designed to guarantee that your organisation never misses an SSL expiry

SSL certificates expire by design. Our DIMS software is designed to guarantee that your organisation never misses an SSL expiry, protecting your organisation’s security and brand

DIMS will discover and catalogue your entire SSL inventory, certificate locations and expiry dates, no matter where the SSL certificates are installed and from any location, given the cloud nature of the software.


SSL certificates expire, by design. It is therefore imperative that an organisation knows exactly what SSL certificates they have and when each certificate is due to expire: otherwise, they can find themselves in the position where key services fail, affecting brand reputation and exposure.

Our DIMS software manages your entire SSL inventory, no matter where the certificates are installed and from any location. DIMS will send automated, pro-active alerts prompting the renewal of certificates well in advance of expiry, putting you back in control.

DIMS identifies key and certificate vulnerabilities, enforces enterprise policies, and detects anomalies with ongoing monitoring. It can also search and detect the most elusive of SSL certificates anywhere on a network; self-signed.

DIMS software will

  • Operate from any location being cloud based
  • Discover & manage your entire SSL inventory
  • Secure and protect cryptographic keys and digital certificates
  • Identify key and certificate vulnerabilities
  • Discover certificates regardless of where they are installed
  • Scan & manage public or private networks
  • Send automated certificate expiry alerts
  • Detect & report on anomalies with ongoing monitoring
  • Find certificates contravening your security policy
  • Guarantee you never miss any SSL certificate expiry
  • Minimise your reputational risk
  • Maximise your systems availability
  • Reduce certificate management costs

User Interface

DIMS will discover and catalogue your entire SSL inventory all from a single, easy to use management interface. As well as configuring automated certificate renewal alerts and the recipients of those alerts, there is also the option to easily renew each certificate, automating the entire SSL end to end management process.

Stand-Alone Discovery Agent

DIMS will discover certificates installed throughout your networks, either directly from the DIMS application or through the use of flexible agent-based technology. DIMS agent technology ensures that remote networks or highly secure networks are covered. The agent does the work and returns the results to the DIMS appliance over a secure channel.

For completely remote networks, or simply when periodic scanning is sufficient, the DIMS Stand-Alone Discovery Agent (SADA) can also be used.

This portable and easy-to-run utility collects information from a network and optionally saves it to an encrypted file, which can then be loaded independently to the DIMS software, ensuring a best fit deployment for every organisation and scale.

Client Partners

As well as providing our DIMS software to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, retailers, universities, public bodies and local authorities, the true power of our DIMS software is underlined by the fact that it is used by some of the world’s largest and leading Global Certificate Authorities direct themselves. Globalsign use DIMS software to empower some of the world’s largest airlines, banks, manufacturers and insurance companies.

It is so advanced that even the space agency NASA are a registered user of the software.

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