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We provide a full suite of compliance led customer engagement and back-office processing solutions to our outsourcing partners across Financial Services; Banking; Insurance; Legal; Pre & Post Legal Debt Recovery, Collections and Insolvency including:

  • Commpli Omnichannel Customer Engagement
  • Adept Payments; Collections & Asset Recovery Solutions
  • PCI Compliant Payment Processing 

debt recovery
& collections

Our Debt Recovery in-house clients manage their client contact using a combination of our compliance led customer engagement platform Commpli and specialised collections CRM platform Adept; both systems designed and integrated to function seamlessly together in one central contact management engine:

  • Adept Payment Collections & Asset Recovery Solution  
  • PCI Compliant Payment Processing
  • Commpli Omnichannel Customer Engagement 

& public sector

Listed as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier, our customer engagement platform and internet security solutions are used all the way from Local Authorities to the very highest level of Ministerial Government.

Our debt recovery and enforcement solutions were used to drive a transformational £1 billion change reform programme within Ministerial Government, in one of the largest ever deployments of debt recovery software in the UK.


Our solutions are designed and continuously developed to support markets heavily regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, be that Insurance, Banking or even Debt Recovery and Enforcement, evidencing compliance and consumer duty adherence at every stage of the customer engagement process is vital.

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& telemarketing

Our hosted customer engagement platform Commpli and CRM software Adept is used in Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Inbound, Outbound and Web based sales operations across the globe owing to our flexible cloud-based delivery model. 

Our Commpli and CRM Adept software enables instant web click to dial capabilities for immediate customer callbacks, alongside agentless payment processing software where PCI DSS compliant payment capture is required to streamline the customer management journey. 

Compliance and QA are driven and managed by our Desktop Analytics packages at no additional cost.  

lead generation
& appt. setting

Like sales, our Commpli automated calling software with in-built diary management, CRM and email integration allows you to set appointments and place them immediately into field team diaries as automated email calendar appointments via Microsoft Outlook integration, reducing processing times whilst also increasing visibility across the entire sales channel via access to real time field updates and MI dashboards.  

As soon as your meeting ends, with our Field & Mobile workflow solutions, the next customer step is immediately underway. Your office in the Field, connected by the cloud.


Customer Service operations benefit from reducing pressure on inbound resource and staffing levels whilst answering inbound calls. Calls are flagged to the agent when customers select automated callbacks from inbound IVR at times convenient to them, providing an onscreen prompt in advance that the call is a pre-requested callback, enhancing the customer experience.  

Benefits include:

  • Web click to dial 
  • Automated Customer Callbacks 
  • Inbound Call Handling & Resource efficiencies 
  • Automated & Agentless Payment Capture 



Alongside debt recovery,
our software solutions are also customised for credit control operations.

Calls are automated from our customer contact platform, Commpli, similar to debt recovery, with our CRM platform Adept configured to follow ledger management rules on an individual customer by customer workflow basis.


Our Debt Recovery, Credit Control & Enforcement case management software is used by leading legal practices with processes and workflows configured within our CRM platform Adept; aligned to both the Solicitor Regulation Authority and The Law Society as well as the specific legislation for both the UK and Irish Court systems.

Our CRM platform Adept is used as the core Case Management tool for Ministerial Government to spearhead a £1 billion reform programme aimed at modernising and transforming intelligent multi-channel customer contact. Our solution mix within Legal Services comprises of both our Commpli & Adept solutions and PCI DSS Compliant payment processing.

enforcement &
sheriff officers

As a natural extension to Debt Recovery and Credit Control our Adept, Commpli and Field Based workflow solutions automate operational workflow and contact management.

Used in conjunction with mobile and field workflow apps, enforcement agents can update the office CRM software live in the field. Even if a mobile signal is not available, hand-held devices will save the data and auto sync back to the CRM as soon as one becomes available, harnessing the true power of the cloud deployment of our software. This removes administration processing time and cost, as well as creating and maintaining a comprehensive MI view over the entire operation, both office desktop and field.


With cloud-based Adept technology, mobile and tablet applications make it simple to manage geographically dispersed teams. Field and mobile apps allow staff to access; update and maintain critical information whilst on the move. Easily track productivity and progress from comprehensive MI reporting dashboards, even GPS tracking.

Our field solutions can be configured to suit any operational workflow from Sales, Telemarketing and Prospect Management to niche environments, with customised workflows such as Environmental Services water treatment, Vacant Property Management for Local Authorities and landlords, Operational workflow for Field Agents and Doorstep Visits within the Collections, Legal and Enforcement sectors.


Our cloud-based customer engagement and CRM applications have in-built auto TPS screening available for comprehensive data management. This not only cleanses data at point of upload, but also on 28-day refresh intervals to ensure our charity partners can evidence even the most stringent of data management policies for the regulator. 

Our data management software within our predictive dialler Commpli is used to underpin the TPS Assured status of one of the world’s largest telecoms providers, and one of Europe’s biggest business processes outsourcers in pioneering and best in class accreditations.

claims mgmt. &
financial reclaim

Our Commpli and Adept solutions are an exact fit for front and back-office processing teams in both Claims Management and Financial Reclaim.

Capture your entire customer conversation in one single multi-channel solution satisfying the increasing scrutiny and Director personal liability penalties via the use of onscreen tools such as in-built financial calculators and onscreen claim eligibility matrices.

Automate your document production from welcome packs all the way to web and e-forms. Integrated email and SMS engines enable automated welcome and claim pack return follow up, for a seamless and connected customer journey and experience.

back office

Drawn from over 25 years’ experience running business process outsourcing operations ourselves and the associated need to create workflow solutions to automate and innovate for efficiency.  

We have created a broad range of solutions that can be used in isolation as single products, or as part of a wider multi-channel solution comprising of several products to transform back-office processing and efficiency. 

  • PCI DSS compliant payment processing tools transform and streamline the capture of customer payments 
  • Document management tools including mail merge document creation can be integrated seamlessly with our SMS, Email and automated calling and CRM systems. 


Internet Security in today’s digital age is such a critical area for our clients. Given the transition over recent years of businesses to the cloud delivery model and the flexibility to process customer data over a variety of different digital channels, has created an associated need to protect that same data whilst harnessing the true power that the cloud offers. 

Our Internet Security teams work closely with some of the world’s biggest Financial Institutions, Retailers, Universities & Third Sector Organisations, Public Sector and Local Authorities to provide a range of internet security services including SSL management and the provision of our unique SSL management and discovery software, DIMS.  

The true power of our software is underlined by the fact that even NASA are a registered user of our software.


If you are a registered charity providing support to individuals across the country, involved in social research or even a housing association, there will be a common need to communicate with large numbers of end customers. Our software solutions assist you to ensure your communication with stakeholders is as effective as it can possibly be using a mix of our automated telephony, CRM, workflow and payment processing solutions.  

Our SSL Security Management Software and PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions also assist in monitoring the security of your end customer data, websites, server infrastructure as well encrypting and processing customer card payments securely. 

Our self-serve 24/7 IVR lines allow customers to transact and interact with you, automated, at a time that suits them. 

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