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Simple. Operational Experience & Compliance.

Operational Experience

Our most consistent feedback is that our technology has been built by those with operational experience who have done the job themselves.

Having spent more than 25 years’ in our customer shoes, it is hardly surprising. For us, that says it all. There is no better endorsement of our products.

We have poured well over two decades of operational experience into everything we do, it makes Genius stand out from every other software vendor. There is no better qualification to truly understand our customer needs than having lived and breathed the end customer journey ourselves and the unique insight this offers our software development and delivery teams.

All the way from Sales Operations to Multi-Lingual Debt Recovery, we know what fit for purpose software needs to look like. It is never straight out of a box.

We have used the limitations and frustrations of previous software we previously relied upon ourselves, to form the blueprint for flexible, fit for purpose software solutions that mould around our client operations, never the other way around.

Why would you trust anyone else with the heartbeat of your business?

Let those who have done the job themselves, do the job for you.

Benefits Beyond Experience

Operational experience, flexibility and fit for purpose technology are not the only benefits that come as standard for our customers.

To complement our unique delivery model, flexible all-inclusive commercial models also include ready-made provision for:

  • Infrastructure & Hardware Costs
  • End of Life Replacement Costs
  • Plug & Play Business Continuity Provision
  • Multiple & Resilient Telecoms Provision; Calls & Lines
  • Multiple & Resilient Data Centres
  • Resilient Power, Utilities & Bandwidth
  • All Inclusive Maintenance & Support
  • Professional Services Costs Included
  • Process & Cost Efficiencies From Centralised Supply

These benefits ensure that whilst operational teams benefit from our wealth of operational experience & knowledge, we are also loved by Finance Directors as they too benefit from above given the cost and productivity efficiencies of using one centralised supplier for each and every element of contact centre and workflow technology.

Comliance & Commercials

Compliance, as well as commercial flexibility, is key.

Businesses’ never grow in a straight line, usage needs to flex down as well as up, which is why we have a number of flexible commercial models that allow our customers to do just that.

Our software is like a tap; simply turn it on and off, whenever required. When it is not running, there is no cost; commercials that are as flexible as the software itself.

Alongside flexible access, our technology operates from a compliance baseline specific to each industry, all the way from sales operations to debt recovery to legal case management and enforcement.

When compliance and regulation in your sector changes, our software will also. Our customers are always on the latest version, there is never a requirement for costly upgrades when the compliance landscape changes. With experience on our side, we have removed all of these costly surprises from our commercial model.

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Day 1 is only the beginning of your software journey, which is why we never work to out of the box solutions. Our software solutions come with lifetime compliance guarantees, ensuring you have complete peace of mind:

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