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actions speak louder than words…

Having been a customer of Genius for over 5 years, I can confidently attest to their platform's unwavering stability and the company's exceptional level of support. I have consistently experienced a reliable and high-performing platform that has never failed to meet my needs.
Their support team has been consistently attentive and responsive, addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly and professionally.
What truly sets Genius apart is their commitment to collaboration, actively seeking input and feedback to continuously enhance their services. Over the years, they have consistently proven themselves as a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring my success.
I wholeheartedly recommend Genius to anyone seeking a long-term, reliable solution backed by outstanding support and a genuine willingness to collaborate.

The Genius dialler, compliance controls and the functionality it brings ensures the platform stays compliant and has contributed our client getting a successful pass rate for TPS Assured compliance.

In the past I have worked with dialler companies and the relationship with the support team has always felt like “me vs them” however I have had my mind changed by Genius! Every time I call in to support, they are very welcoming and always happy to help in any way that they can. Changes are implemented quickly. This truly feels like an overall “us” relationship.

Thank you for all of the recent work you have completed on enhancing the dialler features for the team. These new features will be a fantastic support to our managers and advisors and really improve our homeworking experience. Thank you so much for this, it’s really appreciated.

Thanks for the super-fast turnaround to get our government client’s COVID-19 helpline up and running. I had a clear vision from the minute I heard what was being asked of us, of how I would get the team up and running and Genius was a part of that plan from the first moment - and you guys delivered for us.

We’ve had a fantastic day today…. The Telesales API switchover worked flawlessly (well done to all involved in development, testing, user acceptance testing and deployment) … the blended solution for Collections continues to settle in, and we had very colourful wallboards up on screens when senior management came on site today.

Worldwide Collections SpecialistDirector

We really appreciate the support provided by Genius to help with our supplier issues and to provide solutions and the time taken to assist us on this.

I wanted to thank you for support onsite today was great and pleasure doing business with you and the team at Genius

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