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We provide comprehensive, compliance-led solutions for customer engagement and back-office processing across financial services, banking, insurance, legal sectors and more. Our platforms, Commpli and Adept, streamline communication, collections, and asset recovery while ensuring regulatory adherence.

debt recovery
& collections

Our integrated platforms, Commpli and Adept, offer a seamless solution for managing client contact, collections, and asset recovery. We empower in-house teams and outsourcing partners to efficiently manage the entire debt recovery process.


Our solutions are specifically designed for heavily regulated markets, ensuring compliance and consumer duty adherence at every stage of the customer engagement process. We empower financial institutions in insurance, banking, and debt recovery to streamline operations while prioritising regulatory requirements.

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& telemarketing

Our hosted Commpli and Adept platforms drive inbound, outbound, and web-based sales operations globally. With features like instant web click-to-dial, agentless payment processing, and desktop analytics, we enhance sales efficiency and compliance.

lead generation
& appt. setting

Our software automates lead generation, appointment setting, and field team management. Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and real-time updates ensure a connected and efficient sales process.


We help customer service operations reduce pressure on inbound resources while enhancing the customer experience. Automated callbacks, web click-to-dial, and agentless payment capture streamline inbound call handling.


Alongside debt recovery, our software solutions are also customised for credit control operations.

Calls are automated from our customer contact platform, Commpli, similar to debt recovery, with our CRM platform Adept configured to follow ledger management rules on an individual customer by customer workflow basis.


Leading legal practices rely on our case management software to align with regulatory requirements and streamline processes. Our solutions have been instrumental in supporting a £1 billion government reform programme, modernising customer contact.

enforcement &
sheriff officers

Our Adept, Commpli, and Field Based workflow solutions automate contact management and operational workflow. Mobile and field apps enable real-time updates, even without a signal, ensuring comprehensive oversight of field operations.

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Cloud-based technology, mobile apps, and GPS tracking streamline the management of geographically dispersed teams. We configure solutions to suit various field operations, from sales and telemarketing to environmental services and property management.


Our cloud-based solutions include auto TPS screening and data management features, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. We help charities maintain data integrity and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

claims mgmt. &
financial reclaim

Our solutions capture the entire customer conversation, automate document production, and streamline communication for claims management and financial reclaim processes. We help ensure compliance and reduce risk through integrated tools and workflows.

back office

With over 25 years of experience in business process outsourcing, we’ve developed a range of solutions to automate and streamline back-office processes. From PCI DSS compliant payment processing to integrated document management, we enhance efficiency and productivity.


We provide internet security services, including SSL management and our unique SSL discovery software, DIMS, to protect the digital assets of financial institutions, retailers, universities, and government bodies. Our expertise is trusted by leading organisations, including NASA.


We assist charities, social research organisations, and housing associations in communicating effectively with stakeholders. Our solutions include automated telephony, CRM, workflow, and payment processing tools. We also help monitor data security and encrypt customer card payments.

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